Saturday, 3 July 2010

What Fashion is to me..

Sorry my dear bloggers I know I've been absent, too much to do! I've finished my first internship of the summer and I enjoyed it so so much!! i was on the train home and I started thinking about how different fashion can be for some people, and how it affects them in different ways. Some approach from afar, through magazines, film, television; some completely submerge themselves in it through their work, wealth or sheer love. I myself immerse myself in fashion through every source possible as, for me, it is a way to express oneself in artistic and inspirational ways, yet is also directly applicable to day to day life as we know it. xoxo

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  1. I definitely agree. Fashion can be anything. Someone's thoughts, or others can express fashion through work or clothing. All in all, fashion lovers all around can express their individuality.

    Great blog(: