Sunday, 3 February 2013

DKNY x Opening Ceremony

Hope everyone's had a lovely Sunday!! I've lost my voice... hopefully temporarily, so I've been drinking hot water, honey and lemon and watching Harry Potter with my bez over at Katie's Wardrobe. I've got a phone interview for my dissertation tomorrow so really hoping my voice comes back! #finalyearproblems

I was browsing and came across this gem of a collab.... only DKNY x Opening Ceremony! I predict a sell out.... espesh as Cara Delevingne is fronting the campaign!

Have a great week folks x

Especially love the bomber.....

All photos courtesy of Vogue

Saturday, 2 February 2013

NYC memories........

Hi Everyone!

Apologies again for the absence, I'm now in my final year of uni and things are getting Stressful!!!! (stressful needed a caps!) As most of you know I was living in NYC for 6 months back in 2012..... how long ago it now seems!!! Just thought I'd share a few highlights from my life in NY for you to all see... and also for me to remincise!!!

 Just chillin' infront of the empire state.....
 All the NY interns before heading out on the town!!
 Bezwa came to visit so we went to the top of the rock!
 Same trip......... Times SQ
 Heading out for a spot of dinner at the Hard Rock....
 With the little brother before heading across to Staten Island....
 FAVE pancakes ever...... Big Daddy's!
More friends came to visit, in Central Park!

 Happy 4th!!!!
 Yet more friends..... dancing the night away in LAVO!
 Top of the Rock with the brother and the bezwa <3>